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You are the jester in King Lyrics’ court. Through mere observation you discovered a conspiracy threatening their rule. You now have the fruitless task of warning their majesty. 

A Fool's Errand is a single page, Solo-Journaling game about the futile effort of trying to warn a king about their inevitable destruction.

This game was made for Long Tail Games' Tiny Tome game jam


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You are the jester to the king, the only one with the freedom to mock, shame, and bring to light the foolishness of others without consequences. There is a grave conspiracy afoot and you are the only one with the ability to warn your liege.

This game utilizes a deck of cards, each representing a petitioner to the king. The rank will determine who and what they want, while the suit will tell you how they are apart of the conspiracy. 

When you draw the first joker, you attempt to tell the king of the plan you have discovered, but he will not believe you. The game then ends on the second joker when the plan comes to fruition despite your best efforts. 

 My game was a weird one because I never drew any of the suit cards that would let me figure out the conspiracy before I drew both jokers. I mostly played a bumbling fool mocking people and not really knowing what was going on. You can read my playthrough HERE

Thanks for the really fun write up/playthrough! Wild that you didn't draw a single spade. Your poor jester didn't stand a chance


I had such a wonderful time playing A Fool's Errand, a solo ttrpg about a jester that has discovered an insidious plot. The game's set up is so ingenious, and knowing from the start that the odds are stacked against you only makes the gameplay more and more fun. How does your silly little jester protect their king? I know I had so much fun thinking of all of the ways I could make fun of petitioners in hopes of my king understanding their plot against him. Definitely recommend, there's never a bad time to make a silly little jester!


This is really cool! It inspired me to make a game of my own. Do you mind if I create a game based off this? I'll be sure to cite it in the rules.

Yeah go for it!


This solo-journaling game was very pleasant! It was supposed to last 1 to 2 hours, but I put so many details for each of my characters that all my wed afternoon flew in a blink of an eye. Thank you so much!


I'm glad you enjoyed it. I tend to spend extra time putting in details as well when playing journaling games.